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Trusted Used Car Parts Dealers Modesto California Global Dismantlers US


Over hundreds of brands and tens of thousands of parts


    Trusted Used Car Parts Dealers Modesto California Global Dismantlers US


    CORPORATE OFFICE: 411 River Rd, Modesto CA 95351

    DROP OFF: 3909 Woodland Ave, Modesto, CA 95358

    Online Support

    We offer 24*7 online support, giving significant relevance to our customers.

    Best Price Guarantee

    Our service policy includes a money-back guarantee.

    Free Delivery

    We offer our customers the advantage of free delivery & zero shipping charges.

    Global Dismantlers Trusted Used Car Parts Seller Modesto, California USA (United States) Find Parts For Your Vehicle globaldismantlers.com
    • The credibility of a yard – We are a yard and offer services matching the same. You don’t have to reach out to any brokers or commission agents that might cause scams.
    • Flawless customer service – Our customer support function can only be matched by the original part delivery. We are there for you, irrespective of the service requirement.
    • Proven experience in the automotive industry – Our team has excellent experience in the industry. We are proud of what we are doing & we like to show it.

    Donate Your Car

    Donate a car to our yard!

    Trusted Used Car Parts Dealers Modesto California Global Dismantlers, USA

    It’s never been easier to donate your old car to a reputable yard. Get rid of that vehicle and make something useful out of it. It’s a simple way to give back at no cost to you.

    If you have any questions regarding this donation, you can call 877-958-1231. Donate your car or any other vehicle today.

    Sale at 10% off

    We offer used engine & transmission parts at a rate of 10%.
    Our discounts apply to all engine and transmission makes & models. 

    Used Engines

    Used Transmissions

    Used Body Parts

    Our Testimonials

    Global Dismantlers helped me get the right engine for my Chrysler Cordoba. It fitted perfectly with my machine.

    Sam Harvey

    Happy Customer
    Their delivery & service was quick and easy. I had a good time doing business with the yard.

    Kevin Mathews,

    Happy Customer
    I ordered a transmission from them for my Ford Contour. They exceeded my expectations in the part delivery & I am delighted with their services.

    Thomas Seaford

    Happy Customer
    These folks are good at keeping their promises. We were looking for body modifications for our company vehicle. Global Dismantlers were a reliable partner throughout the delivery & purchase process.

    Nathan Hill

    Happy Customer
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